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  • Open Sport and Exercise medicine

    A new Open Access journal covering all aspects of sport and exercise medicine from physiology to return to play.

  • British Journal of Sports Medicine official ECOSEP journal

    All ECOSEP members have 35% discount on either print/online or online only subscription.Name: British Journal of Sports Medicine (print with free online) 35% off https://myaccount.bmj.com/myaccount/registration.html?regService=bmj-journal-registration&promotionCode=ECOSEP&fwdUrl=https://bjsm.bmj.com/content/by/year&itemId=pr1779 Name: British Journal of Sports Medicine (online) 35% off https://myaccount.bmj.com/myaccount/registration.html?regService=bmj-registrationpromotionCode=ECOSEP&fwdUrl=https://bjsm.bmj.com/content/by/year&itemId=pr10017n to BJSM.


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ECOSEP advance

the competency of sports physicians and the best possible care for their athletes and the citizens of Europe by providing continuing professional development, education, publishing  and  research.

ECOSEP Promotes

the highetst standards for sports medicine profession ensure that sports medicine physicians profession shall be governed by common European rules that shall be harmonized to all EU Member States.


that sports physicians shall be employed as the medical personnel to all sports agencies.(sports federations, sports organisations, sports associations, sports clubs, stadiums, sports injuries clinics, sports centres ,national health system hospitals-clinics-health units)

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