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Dr Guillermo Recatero Rude Biography

Dr Guillermo Recatero Rude Biography

Dr Guillermo Recatero Rude



Doctor in Medicine. Experienced sports doctor in Real Madrid C.F, Secilla F.C and Barcelona F.C. Great intellectual curiosity and learning about topics related to physical activity. Solid and proven experience as a sports physician in the daily clinical management of different varieties of athletes. Growing expertise on sports injuries diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Holistic thinker. Overall vision of medicine and the human body.


Experienced musuloskeletal system ultrasound examiner. Knowledgeable in common athletes´medical conditions. Great variety of manual medicine techniques and sport physiotherapy. Double master in Homeopathy and manual therapies.

Famliar with clinical research procedures in clinical trials, prospective and retrospective studies. Regular searcher on Sports Medicine topics.


Responsible, active and dynamic. Plenty of work, enthusiasm and positive energy. Team leader and ability to foster groupwork. Able to support motivation and encouragement to team co-workers. Competent in reporting to senior Managers. Harmony creator within a team Diplomat. Capable of working under pressure. Sociable, open minded and trusted friend-companion. Ability to empathize with patients. Superb communicator. Innovative. Excellent relationships with sports medicine professionals in Spain, England, Italy, USA and Australia.


Full mastery of language Skills, oral and writing: Spanish (native tongue), English (mother tongue), French (father tongue) and Italian.