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Mission Statement


Healthcare costs of physical inactivity are immense and it is believed that physical inactivity as a behavioural risk factor is only second to tobacco in the global burden of disease. The list of health and medical conditions that can be either prevented or effectively controlled by appropriate level and type of physical activity is long and includes a range of cardiovascular and respiratory conditions, a range of musculoskeletal presentations, and other common conditions such as obesity including in children, diabetes and even cancer. Furthermore, there is ample evidence for effectiveness of regular physical activity in improving mental health, bone health, co-ordination, balance and cognitive functioning hence significantly reducing the risk of falls and accidents particularly in at risk populations such as the elderly or in certain conditions like Parkinson’s disease. ECOSEP Fighting Inactivity Committee is committed to promoting physical activity across Europe with the following proposed Mission Statement:


1. To promote physical activity at grassroots and amongst general public across all age groups and levels of physical ability by providing advice, information and educational support


2. To promote population behavioural modification towards a more physically active life style by raising awareness about activities of daily life such as active leisure, commute, school and shopping trips


3. To help increase healthcare professionals’ awareness about significance of physical activity in all aspects of prevention, health promotion, treatment and rehabilitation by acting as a central information hub in Europe


4. To help increase healthcare professionals’ confidence in applying principles of physical activity promotion in their practice by providing advice and educational support, and highlighting examples of best practice in Europe or elsewhere in the world


5. To share and promote current best evidence, guidelines and recommendations for physical activity and further engage with the design and ongoing review process of such guidelines


6. To share, promote, and engage with design and implementation of government strategies and policies for physical activity at both national and European levels


7. To promote and showcase relevant research, and encourage effective collaborations between researchers, healthcare and physical activity professionals, and industry experts in identifying novel or alternative approaches to fighting inactivity


8. To promote scientific collaborations between ECOSEP and other European and International Sports Medicine, Exercise Sciences, and physical activity organisations


9. To represent ECOSEP in relevant scientific or educational events and endorse or organise appropriate educational activities for both professionals and the public


10. To represent views of ECOSEP on matters concerning physical activity in relevant journals and blogs

Dr Amir Pakravan

Chair of Fighting Inactivity Committee

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