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The aims of the E.C.O.S.E.P Scientific Committee are:


  1. To propose the guide lines for:
    • Doping issues
    • Cardiovascular evaluation for athletes
    • Sports medicine speciality
    • Sports injuries treatment and rehabilitation
    • Any other specific problems in sports
    • Medicine proposed by the members of the scientific committee
    • The sports medicine profession
  2. To promote scientific research in the field of sports medicine.
  3. To cooperate with the organisers of the IOC, WADA, FIMS, FSMA as well as with the organisers of other international scientific ORGANIZATIONS
  4. Propose the topics of the 1st ECOSEP congress

Prof Heinz Lohrer


  • Chair Scientific Committee ECOSEP Ärztlicher Direktor,
  • Sportmedizinisches Institut Frankfurt am Main,
  • Sportärztliche Hauptberatungsstelle des Landes Hessen
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