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Dr. Amir Pakravan Biography

Dr. Amir Pakravan Biography

Dr. Amir Pakravan



Dr Pakravan is a Consultant Specialist in Sport and Exercise Medicine, a Fellow of the UK Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine (FSEM), and a Visiting Senior Fellow in SEM at University Campus Suffolk.


Amir is the Chair of ECOSEP Fighting Inactivity Committee and represents ECOSEP inWorld Health Organisation’s European network for Health Enhancing Physical Activity (HEPA Europe) where he has secured an Observer membership status for the College.


He has extensive experience of work in elite sports including as a Field of Play Medical Team Leader during the London Olympic and Paralympic games, Itinerant Doctor to the Football Association for England teams, Medical Officer to England and GB Hockey, and experience in various levels of English Football including as Medical Officer to Crystal Palace FC in the Premier League.


In addition to elite sports, Musculoskeletal Medicine, and sports on the field trauma and emergencies, Amir has also been actively involved with promoting Physical Activity both through research and education including as an advisor to the Suffolk Cycle Strategy, review of Primary Care Exercise Referral Schemes, and Healthcare perspective on Physical Activity. He has been a lecturer, speaker and keynote speaker on different aspects of SEM including Physical Activity at various meetings and congresses.