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Dr Thomas Best Biography

Dr Thomas Best Biography

Dr. Thomas Best


Dr. Thomas Best is the Co-Medical Director of OSU Sports Medicine and professor of Family Medicine, OSU College of Medicine. He is also a Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. He serves as the Team Physician for the OSU men’s ice hockey team as well as a consultant to American and Canadian national hockey teams. Prior to joining the OSU Sports Medicine staff in 2005 Dr. Best spent 10 years on the faculty of the University of Wisconsin College of Medicine as well as team physician for the Wisconsin athletic department.


A graduate of The University of Windsor (Canada), Dr. Best attended medical school at The University of Western Ontario. In addition to his medical training Dr. Best holds a master’s degree in kinesiology and a doctorate in biomedical engineering (Duke University).


Dr. Best’s clinical interests include muscle/tendon injuries, osteoarthritis, concussion, endurance athletes and evidence-based medicine. He directs an NIH-funded laboratory to study muscle inflammation and repair as well as the role of the quadriceps in the management of osteoarthritis of the knee. Dr. Best is also the co-editor of a book, Evidence-Based Sports Medicine, a leading publication of the British Medical Journal that is used worldwide in teachings on this topic. He has authored over 100 peer-reviewed papers and spoke in 14 countries outside the United States on his research.


Dr. Best is a fellow and the 2010-2011 President of The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). He is the Associate Editor-in-Chief of the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, the official journal of the ACSM. He is certified by the American Board of Family Practice and holds a Certificate of Additional Qualification in Sports Medicine. He is a member of The Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine and The American Academy of Family Physicians.


Dr. Best serves on the Board of Directors for the United States Bone and Joint Initiative, an organization dedicated to advocacy for those with arthritis. He also serves on the advisory board of the National Youth Sports Health and Safety Institute dedicated to the health and welfare of our youth involved in sports.